GK General Construction


 When you are looking for a company that can work on your construction needs, then the one that you should trust is GK general construction. 

We  are known to provide construction services in different establishments and homes for more than 20 years in the business. The company is offering their services to a great area in Los Angeles and its surrounding cities as well. GK general construction has many experiences when it comes to the industry and has completed several construction works wherein clients are satisfied with their every quality work. With many satisfied clients through the years, they are now being known to provide quality projects, great references, services and staffing.

The clients’ goals are well understood by the partners of the company that invest in the resources to make sure that the importance of providing high quality on-budget and on-time performance is delivered. Even if it is for residential or commercial projects, the company can provide all construction services that you need. They have construction professionals that can help in taking care of different specialized construction services and other specialists that are trained and have mastered different kinds of construction assignments for providing many types of services.


Companies that we work with:


Gary G. CEO of the GKG Construction

CEO Gary K.

Home Depot



Stock Building Supply

Glendale Tile

Glendale Building supply
Dunn Edwards Paint
Empire hardwood and Moulding

Burbank Roofing Supply